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Vern BighamVern Bigham, the 79 year old inventor of the Bigs Easy Lift, was the Safety Coordinator for NSP (Northern States Power). Vern lives in North Mankato, Minnesota and travels around the country selling his Easy Lift to Airports, Prisons, Power Companies, Phone Companies, Street Departments, and Universities. Here is the story of why he created the Bigs Easy Lift:

“I was a safety worker for the Power Co. and one of our employees ruptured a disc in his back removing a manhole cover. He was in the hospital for a week and off work for 6 weeks. The company had to pay $12,000 for permanent disability under Workers Comp. I didn’t think it was right for workers to be injured taking off manhole covers. They’re not going to war, they are at work. When I retired from work, I began to work on this tool of mine. I got the patent in 1996 – since then I have sold the tool to cities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and North Dakota. All seem to be very pleased with the tool. No more injuries – use leverage to push down, you don’t have to hurt your back pushing down.”
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Vern Bigham

Wanda Bigham